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History of Skipton

Established in 2018, Stage Dive® is a family owned business who loves the occult, strange and witchy things. We have high standards, being our products handcrafted in our studio using the best quality of textile brands and screenprinting inks.

Our community is about our believes and passions, to not be afraid of who we are but proud.

Stay strange and support small businesses!

Stage Dive® only works with textile brands that have developed high ethical and social values.

We are committed to respect, implementing and maintaining a social norms designed specifically for the garmet industry, with an exemplary code of conduct.

The textile brands that we work with also have OEKO-TEX® certifications that ensures consumer safety and non-toxic dyes used.

Organic products are certified OCS by ECOCERT Greenlife which guarantee organic cotton purity and that the textiles are made with organic grown materials.

Textile Certifications

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